Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Project #3 Christian Marclay PLAY!

EVERYONE: Watch this documentary - you will see much more in depth some of the ways in which Marclay performs - be inspired - adapt, originate...PLAY.

Christian Marclay PLAY!  Due: Thursday October 20th!

Mandatory Work/Lab days until then...on Thursday we have a visiting artist coming to the class - please visit her website and become familiar with her work: http://www.kristafranklin.com/

With the ultimate goal of created an original composition to be performed before the class, create a series of playable records in they style of Christian Marclay's mashed up, cut, glued and purposefully repurposed vinyl discs. You reconfigured records will be played using three turntables that are at your disposal. This is a triptych audio performance of an original composition performed in real-time.

1) Explore vinyl recordings - you are REQUIRED to purchase and or find records beyond those which we have provided via the deaccessioned collection from the KC. Visit local thrift stores, garage sales or raid the home record collection to discover recordings that are of interest. The more the better!

2) Listen! Listen to your records - use blue tape or dots to mark parts of recordings you may wish to use - spend a good deal of time on this step as it will be crucial as you work to develop.

3) Experiment - cut, break, glue, tape, paper - play with these materials, invent others...seek to PLAY with your records - you may discover the unexpected!

4) Rehearse - you have 5 minutes to perform before the class - make it good! This is a performance, thing of this as such - present and play your composition for the class and be prepared to discuss your approach.

5) Have fun! Explore! Experiment! Be gentle with our record players...but PLAY!

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